Satellite Techniques

  • Regiomontan (FFG/BMVIT) 

    Regionale Ionosphärenmodellierung für Einfrequenznutzer-Anwendungen (View Abstract)

    3D ground based GNSS Atmospheric Tomography (View Abstract)

Very Long Baseline Interferometry (Projects Webpage)

  • SORTS (I 2204, International Program FWF/DFG) 

    Satellite Observations by Radio Telescopes for Superior Reference Frame Interconnections
    • Project-Leader: Johannes Böhm
    • Contributing Scientists: Andreas Hellerschmied, Jakob Gruber
    • Duration: 1 January 2016 - 
  • Galactic VLBI (FWF P23143) 

    Earth-based VLBI in the galactic frame
    • Project-Leader: Hana Krásná
    • Contributing Scientists:
    • Duration: 1 November 2014 - 

System Earth

  • ASPIRE (I1479, International Program FWF/DFG)

    Atmosphere-induced short period variations of Earth rotation (View Abstract)