PhD Defence of Michael Schindelegger

After four years of extensive foundational research at TU Vienna, Michael Schindelegger successfully defended his PhD thesis on 'Atmosphere-induced short period variations of Earth rotation'. Within the obligatory rigorosum, questions were coming thick and fast, but the testee could demonstrate his knowledge on the nature of atmospheric tides, their impact on Earth rotation parameters, and the quality of present-day atmospheric/oceanic circulation models on sub-diurnal time scales. The high-profile committee included Prof. Harald Schuh (TU Vienna and GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam), Prof. Florian Seitz (TU München), Prof. Aleksander Brzezinski (Warsaw University of Technology), and Prof. Johannes Böhm.

Category: Advanced Geodesy

Michael Schindelegger together with his examiners and the dean of studies.